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Best Quotes About Time: Inspiring, Wise and Encouraging

What an insightful quote, right readers!

Time is non stop and irreversible, no one has control over it either good times or bad times.

Patience is the ability to wait, but not passively (that is laziness). Patience is a skill, the skill to maintain good attitude while waiting despite the difficulties. Patience gifts you with strong positive thoughts, confidence and good health.

Building Your Online Presence - It Takes Time and Patience

We can never alter the time but we can work on our patience engaging in techniques to become more patient person. When u r patient enough, good times will embrace you and makes u happy.

Ways to handle impatience in daily life,

  • Deep Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Prayers or Affirmations
  • Self-teaching
  • Gratitude
  • Go with the flow
  • Self- learn your ego

With regular practice of these ways you will definitely be surprised to see a NEW YOU. Because things never happen the way we want and also doesn’t occur in the time we want. So, most of the life we need to be in patience only and wait for the miracles.

Even a good relationship requires more time, trust and patience. Showing your loved people more patience will also inspire them to be more patient with you.

Patience shows your loved ones that you value them and their relationship enough to see beyond their “faults.”

Great saints always said that “Patience is the most powerful warrior than time” . Because, the power of patience will make us win the difficulties we face during bad times by increasing our strength of mind and confidence level.

Thus this famous quote of Leo Tolstoy motivates us to remain grounded with reality of life.

Dear readers, Let us keep on building our Patience with time and live a beautiful life. Thanks for reading, see you in the next post.


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Happy welcome dear readers,

Everyone deserves to live a good life, right! When coming to live a good life, we all have our own certain ideas of what it is and how.

61 Beautiful Life Lesson Quotes to Live By Everyday

What it really means to live a good life!

Is it having wealth, social status, fame, power or having position, money, material things and parties or living the dream life or Living the life to meet the basic necessities.

Whichever way, are we satisfied with that?

Let us see what these famous Philosophers intend to say about good life.

A good life can be ensured by a good state of soul and doing what is good for the soul, says Plato.

The good life is a life that questions and thinks about things, it is a life of contemplation, self-examination and open-minded wondering, says Socrates.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL: First, believe in this world – that there is meaning behind everything. Everything in the world is good, is holy and beautiful. If you see something evil, interpret it to mean that you do not yet understand it in the right light, says vivekanandhar.

3 Paths of Happiness: The Pleasant Life, The Good Life, and The Meaningful  Life

Overall living with a honest soul, satisfaction, integrity, gratitude, finding purpose and meaning in your life and being happy with what we do & what we have, contributes a lot in living a good life. Let us love to live with nature, simple pondering and philosophizing about life. The life of philosophers, great people like siddhars and our great elders are the proof.

Moderation is nothing less than a solution to life’s riddle.

Dear readers I wish you all to live a life in harmony and balance. Take care and see you in the next post.


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Hello dear readers, a warm welcome.

Ego says- Once everything falls into place, i will find peace.

Spirit says- Find peace and everything will fall into place.

Do you think ” that there is no one better than you and what you say is always right”!

If yes, then that is EGO and is definitely your enemy. It will make you overestimate your own abilities, keeps you out of touch with reality.


  • Aggressive and vengeful.
  • Self-obsessed and don’t care for others.
  • Demean and belittle others.
  • Getting angry often.
  • No gratefulness.


  • Stop being negative and learn to let go.
  • Open yourself and talk your feelings.
  • Declutter your mind, keep only right and positive things.
  • Face the reality with confidence and kill your pride.
  • Sleep well and do mind exercises(like meditation).
  • Embrace Emotional Maturity.
  • Self discover yourself.
150 Ego Quotes That Will Make You More Loving

Understand your ego and the way it operates, so that you will understand yourself better and able to live this one beautiful life in a beautiful way with beautiful relations around you.
Because you are the owner of your life and only you can decide how you want your soul to be “Egomanic or Fruitful”.

Ego versus Spirit/Soul | Ego vs soul, Ego quotes, Pride quotes

I wish my readers to live a mindful and healthier life. Take care, see you in the next post. For some interesting Ego tit bits click here ,read and enjoy.


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Hello my dear readers, a warm welcome.

This beautiful word “AMARANTHINE” has its own wonderful meanings like ETERNALLY BEAUTIFUL, UNFADING, EVERLASTING and IMMORTAL.

AMARANTHINE – An imaginary flower that never fades.

My amaranthine thoughts right now are wanting my loved ones to be like amaranthine (Everlasting). I absolutely know that in reality it is impossible, but who cares, in our thoughts they are always Amaranthine only.

What are your amaranthine thoughts right now readers?

The only Amaranthine flower on earth is virtue, the only lasting treasure, truth

– William cowper.

Let us also try to make our love, trust, honesty and satisfaction as the Amaranthine flowers. Work on to live a beautiful life with amaranthine happiness and values. I wish you all to create your own beautiful Amaranthine words too. One such of my Amaranthine words are,

Dear god, I woke up

I am healthy

I am alive, Thank you.

I apologize for all my complaining

I am truly grateful for all you have done, Thank you.

t-is-hers-to-pluck... | Inspirational Quote by William Wordsworth

Also, let us all try to live in such a way that our air, waters, land, trees and rivers stays pure and amaranthine. Let us work hard to give the next generation and other generations to come an AMARANTHINE NATURE to cherish and protect it to live a beautiful life.

Do you accept it readers? Let me know in the comment box. Happy Amaranthine reading!

Power of Self-Affirmations – The way to become great

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We are our own life trainer. We design strategies and go by it. Sometimes we go with the flow of life designed by God as fate. So, what does these positive affirmations do?

Affirmations are repetitions of positive mantras or slogans or recitations. These become powerful only when we practice it regularly with strong belief in it.

Self-Affirmations are precious exercises for our mind.

Everyday we face problems in our life. Some we solve it easily, some with help from others and some which remains unsolved. As the result of unsolved problems, we are prone to anxiety, stress and finally depression. Thinking becomes overthinking until its solved, right.

How to Practice Self-Affirmations with Kids – Start Today Hollis Co

The power of self-affirmations will train you to overcome negativity in your life and thereby setting high standard in your mind. Once your mind is powerful you will never be shattered by the failures or setbacks, fear or anxiety.

Precious Gifts of practising the positive self-affirmations:

1- Sense of inner peace.

2- Encourages you to think positive.

3- Get rid of fear and anxiety, overthinking.

4- Increased confidence level.

5- overcome a bad habit.

When used correctly this practice of positive self-affirmation will definitely influence your mindset and makes you energetic and enthusiastic. Science says any new practice followed a minimum of 21 days can become a habit.

Check out this fun video for your simple neuroscience knowledge.

“When you control your thoughts, you control your mind. When you control your mind, you control your life”

– Robin sharma

My dear readers, I urge you to start with a one- line simple positive self-affirmation and try to build it on and lead a healthy life. Thank you for reading. See you again in the next post.

Is The Gut Feeling True?

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Yes! It is, Only when you have healthy gut microbiota.

The feeling that keeps coming in our mind when something is not right or something is going to happen. Like being Nervous, feeling queasy or that butterflies in your stomach, feeling attached with someone whom we met first time and the difficult times where we make decisions based on our inner feeling.

That intuition is called as GUT FEELING.

Have you ever believed in this gut feeling and found things to be correct? One such very small gut feeling incident for me is,

Many times when I have waited for the city bus in a bus stop to reach my home from college, I have had a feeling that the next bus that comes is for me and many times it came to be right (This is one of the incident).If you also have any such gut feeling incidents happened for you then let me know in the comment box, would love to hear it.

These feelings are the proof that our gut and brain are connected with each other.

Trust Your Gut | Trust yourself, Trust your gut, Trust

Gut feeling arises when we are anxious or stressed .

I am always surprised by the way how the gut knows and reacts to what we are thinking and feeling. Yes, the microbiota in the gut not only impacts on the physical health but also impacts on the emotional well-being.

” The gut and The brain are in constant communication”. – Dr. Lisa Ganjhu

This prime connection between the brain and the gut plays a vital role both in the gastrointestinal function and in gut feelings. So, with positivity inside you and maintaining a good health will mostly give you a positive and correct gut feeling.

Your gut microbes will definitely influence your perception and behavior. These gut microbes also produces a neurotransmitter named GABA (Gamma aminobutyric acid), which in turn helps to control the feelings of fear and anxiety. So, its good to keep your gut healthy with healthy microbes.

So, next time when your gut feeling is right, don’t forget to thank your healthy gut and its microbes. See you all in the next post dear readers. Stay positive, healthy and happy.

Gut Feeling Might Help You Make Better Decisions

Setting High Standards

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Hello my dear readers, welcome.

Here I am discussing high standards not based on money but based on mindset.

Many successful people are those who sets high standards for him or her self. Such people will become the role model and motivate others highly. Your lifestyle changes totally when you are able to abide by the high standards you follow.

Why We Feel So Bad About Ourselves... — Life Remade

The quality of your life is upgraded because you have made your mind fertile with high quality thinking and actions.

For this to attain you will require exceptional discipline and hardwork.

“If you want to change your life you have to raise your standards”

– Tony Robbins


1- Concentrate on health -> Only when you are healthy and feeling good in your body you can do anything. So the prime thing I insist is to concentrate on your health by eating healthy foods, exercise your body, sleep well and relax well.

A healthy body nourishes a healthy soul and healthy mind.

2- Self discipline yourself-> It is the ability and will-power to control yourself and work towards your commitments designed by you. For example, slowly reducing that urge to skip workouts, eating unhealthy stuffs, buying unnecessary things, dwelling on the past and killing time wastefully.

3- Positive Relationship -> Every person is different and have their own flaws. Learn to accept it, try to be compatible and help to grow each other. Do not let go of people who respects you, inspires you and cares for you(Even for a tiny bit). Try not to fall into the low standards of jealousy, selfishness, aggression and dishonesty. Good relations are developed with sacrifices and more caring. Please don’t take them for granted.

4- Love your work -> Whatever work it may be just try to do it in your own unique way and love to do it. You all know that work done with hatred will never be fruitful and brings you discomfort in all ways.

5- Find your strength -> When negativeness urges you or tempts you in any way, learn to accept it but choose only the right thing to do finally. I assure you that you will feel proud of yourself with lots of self-confidence. Embracing gratification and having trust worthy , well-wishing people around you is your main strength, nurture it.

Reap the benefits of setting high standards like,

  • To see an obstacle as an opportunity.
  • To never compare with others.
  • Reflect and improve.
  • Stop to over-think stuffs.
  • To always do better

 A TIP – Every month check what is your level of standard.

See you in next post until then stay healthy and start living with a high standard mindset. Take care dear readers.

The Opposite of Success isn’t Failure, it’s Inaction.

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FAILURE is just this one-step long journey towards achievement.

How Does Scrum Help you Realize the Value of failure? |


  • Gives the gut to attempt again and reach what we want.
  • Able to provide ourself an extra learning opportunity or an experience to embrace success.
  • Makes us more matured both emotionally and physically.
  • Makes us more responsible.
  • Makes us to learn from our errors and think in a new perspective way.
  • Develops us as a strong persona.
  • Helps us to think a lot, motivates us and helps to overcome the loss, mentally.


  • It can be embarrassing and demoralizing.
  • If we fall into the trap of fear of failure then we will never succeed in our goals.
  • Leads to emotional instability.
  • Anxious and stress.
  • Our health gets affected.
  • Improper sleep and eating pattern.
Quotes About Failure for Kids and Students - InspireMyKids

Getting afraid to failure is a human nature. But with that fear if you don’t take any positive action to overcome it then your life will be doomed.

We can even say that the actual opposite of success is not failure its inaction. Every arrow that hits the bull’s eye is the result of thousand misses. Hence failure is very very important for every work to reap its success.


Thomas Alva Edison has failed 10,000 times to give us the perfect incandescent electric light bulb. I hope no one still has broken that record of failures. It was only possible for him due to his strong and exceptional positive perception of life.

So my dear readers, let us learn from such admirers and try to succeed in our life positively. Stay happy and healthily.

Stress With Different Aged People


Hello my dear readers!

“It’s not the stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it”

-Hans seyle

Let us start our content with the signs and symptoms of stress from our cutesy and sweet little twinkling babies.

WHAT! Do babies also have stress? (I can hear you telling that).

YEAH……they are also loaded with emotions once they are born. Their stress symptoms are seeking attention more, feeling tired and irritated,might have pain and are scared sometimes.

Their only way of communication is by crying.

Baby blues: Behaviour not best way to assess pain in stressed newborns |  Hindustan Times

Little grown-ups, along with that cry, they also throw tantrums and shout. They try to express it through words and actions when softly asked.

But if you shout at them then they are either gonna only cry or just remain silent.

Parental stress affects children, study suggests | CTV News

You might have even noticed that if children are having hard time at school, then they give many reasons like head ache,stomach aches for not wanting to go to school. They just wanted to avoid the situation and escape.

It is the responsibility of the elders to keenly note and understand the reasons carefully and help them clear their stress.

Stress in teen years:-

Their stress are mainly due to hormonal changes and social adjustments among their peers. If their stress is high, chances of developing inferiority complex is also high.

The adolescent depression will lead to “Teen Angst“. This is the time where they want to do things in their own way. Also this is the time where they will require maximum parents or elder’s attention, love and care.

How to Help Your Teen Manage Stress | NYMetroParents

Stress in women:-

There is all kinds of stress a women is facing or suffering, but you should find the accurate reason for those stress makers and try to change it to eustress or find methods to eradicate it. Don’t fall into the trap of chronic stress.

Stress symptoms includes,

  • changes in menstrual cycle.
  • pains and cramps.
  • Acidity, bloating.
  • No proper sleep and hair loss.
  • Irritations and angry many times.
  • Sometimes over-eating.
Who are prone to stress eating, men or women? | Sambad English

Stress symptoms in men:

Men mostly get stress due to their job pressure and family pressure.

Common stress symptoms are chest pain, increased blood pressure, skin diseases, getting addicted to smoking and drinking, changes in sex drive, improper sleep, irritations, angry all-time,hair loss and over-eating.

Stress symptoms in elderly people:-

YES, these people are more easy target of stress.

Their stress is mainly due to fear, isolation, health problems, loss and grief.

Their stress symptoms are loss of appetite, sleeping often, repeating things again and again, increased blood pressure, anxiety, lack of interest in doing things they enjoy and feeling sad often.

How Can Family Caregivers Reduce Stress in Elderly Adults? - Hughes Home  Care

Stress is your body’s response to a change or a challenge. Everyone is different and have their own stress. An individual considering a stress (examples like cooking, driving, adventures, studies etc) can be a fun to another individual.

It all depends on your response and the way you handle it. You can help people by knowing their stress symptoms and help them come out of it.

Dear readers, stay healthy and positive and work on your stress in an healthy way.



How Do Muslims Treat The Elderly? | Science & Faith
Image source-science&

If you have loving and well-wishing elders in your home, then you are lucky.

Many elders might not understand you and throw tantrums or even fight with you. Due to generation gap, there will be a difference in thinking. They might be possessive of their children and ignore you, ill-treat you and they want to prove their dominance over you using their ego. You can also fight or throw tantrums with them, but never make them suffer.


Inside every one of us, we have this common grace and manner to treat the elders with dignity and respect. With more work pressure and modern era, many are too busy to care for elders. So, many elders either are being ignored or they just limit themselves into their cocoon. Gradually their contributions to the family, society and community are being forgotten.

It is always better to treat them good when they are alive rather than regretting it later.

Let us see how,

1- Be Polite — They might have become very slow learners and might forget many things and they need to be repeated again and again. In this fast world all these will be painstaking, but still try to be polite with them and make them feel that they are important.

2- Spend time with them — Many of the elders feel lonely which we fail to identify. So, definitely spend quality time with them and discuss things with them, giving them the purpose.

3- Eat together — This idea might feel dumb, but eating together gives them the super power and the sense of contentedness. This is the time well spent and you will never regret it.

4- Money — Whether dependent or not, analyse their needs and try to give them money on monthly basis for them to feel secured and safe.

5- Respect them — Whether you give money to them or not, spend time with them or not, never ever disrespect them. Their happiness lies only around you and your mood. Elders have this feeling of not wanting to be a burden to others.

How Resident Engagement Tech Promotes Social and Physical Wellness in  Senior Living - Caremerge

In this fast moving world, many times we forget what’s truly important. Elders are also important in our life, let us keep them healthy mentally and physically, let us love them and respect their inabilities, let us also learn from their life experiences.

For one day we will also become an Elder.

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