Is Managing a Healthy Work-Life Balance Really Tough?

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Hello readers!

Welcome to the Work from home era. Covid 19 has totally changed the way of working and life has become more complicated to earn money. With jobs becoming more and more competitive, workers are obliged to be committed more. Traditional work hours has been abandoned. Many will be multitasking, trying to balance their home life and office life.

But definitely the office life will be dominating your personal life, right! Working late nights and virtual discussions should have become a new normal.

Seven Questions to Ask to Restore Work-Life Balance | Pryor Learning  Solutions

Work-life balance doesn’t mean giving equal hours for work and personal life. It is something connected with the right time spent for working and the right time spent with family and doing things that you like. I know that it all depends upon the job you have, personal situations, age and hobbies, we can never neglect that.

There is a famous proverb saying,

”Work while you work & play while you play”

If you mix up both then you are going to suffer with work-life imbalance. If this still continues for a long time then you are creating distress for everyone. You are also prone to physical and psychological stress leading to lack of focus and degrading productivity.

Work-life “balance” is a myth. That doesn't mean you're doomed. | INTHEBLACK

With greater works being piled up daily, the employees are forced to fulfill the demands on or before the said time. If not, then they might even lose their job or get scolded from the higher ups. Work from home comes with many perks, the top most one is saving time and money for commutation. But each and every individual has his/her own pros and cons.

Working from home also had its own disadvantages like many felt isolated, many were unable to face the reality, many got demotivated, even many faced emotional distress. Parents got an additional job of becoming a full-time teacher for their kids. Some might relax with grown up children, but think about the small kids.


1- Create boundaries between work and personal life. Often try to do work-life balance surveys.

2- Be mature enough to prioritize the tasks and follow proper time management.

3- If work load is very heavy, learn to say no and avoid that extra pressure developing in you.

4- Set some time to do things that you like. Creating a routine schedule will help and train others to adapt, thereby trying to get some personal time.

5- Respect people in home, help them and never take them for granted.

6- Learn to be grateful for what you have, especially loving people around you.

7- Definitely start to learn yoga. It is the best way to relax the body, mind and soul.

Staying healthy helps you to achieve a healthy work-life balance.(Tell me, who dosen’t like healthy people as their employees)

8-Become a little social or follow Peer Therapy – Taking time for others and sharing each other’s feelings.

9- Appreciation and rewarding is another vital power pack in boosting good work-life balance.

10- Planning works ahead will boost the good work-life balance.

‘Maintaining a healthy balance between your work and your personal life is essential for your mental and physical health” – Nicole Beurkens, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist.

Definitely, this new Covid 19 reality made us to think and do things differently. For example, with the absence of domestic help many faced domestic burden especially in maintaining homes, preparing food, taking care of children, sick people and elderly people.

But sharing the work between family members and accomplishing it, helping each other, spending time with our closed ones and children, concerning family, friends and relatives, pursuing a hobby, learning a new skill, many work from home job opportunities made us to win this crisis.

Kuddos to all those women and men who did it single-handedly. Yes, that is a huge challenge to do.

The Myth of Work-Life Balance | Live Happy Magazine

Whatever the situation is, productivity should never get hampered. Yes, who thought we would consult online with doctors? A lot has been taken care now because things need to be done.

A person who is fully dedicated and sincere to work alone, tends to lose his family’s affection and a person who is dedicated to family alone, tends to lose jobs.

I recommend every company to have a healthy company culture and wellness culture thereby nurturing a good work-life balance. Work-life balance is not a far-fetched dream, it requires confidence, consistence and will power to achieve it.

A Must to Know -The Gut Health

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Our Gut runs the vital duties like the intake and absorption of nutrients from the food we eat and the water we drink, thereby protecting, nourishing and maintaining overall health of our body. If your gut’s function is improper then you are falling prey for diseases.

Ok, so what is this Gut?

Medical science says, “It is a very long tube starting from the mouth and ending at anus”.

Hence, the collection of organs like mouth, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, small intestine, colon and the rectum is called as Gut or Gastrointestinal tract.

Healthy guts are swarming with bugs, so what do they do?

The Gut And The Brain

“Brain is also considered to be a part of gut, as the brain and gut are in constant communication”. – Dr. Lisa Ganjhu, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Medicine at NYU Grossman School of Medicine.

Whenever you are hungry or thirsty, it is the work of the gut to pass the information to the brain and in turn the brain gives the signal as to when to eat or drink. Even with the digestion process both works together.

Can gut bacteria affect the human brain? This is what we know - Gut  Microbiota for Health
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For example, if you had a lighter meal the brain signals to follow an easy digestion, and if you had a heavy meal the brain signals it to hold the food in the stomach for a little longer time and results in slow digestion. Only when your food is sufficiently broken down, the gut gets signals from the brain to send it to the intestine.

Brain can affect your gut heatlth and the gut can affect your brain health

Millions of neurons are involved in this connection. The vagus nerve is the biggest nerve connecting the brain and the gut. The neurotransmitters are the chemicals connecting the brain and the gut.

The Gut Microbes Influence the Body and the Mind

When a microbe enters your body the brain signals and makes the gut to be fully aware of that microbe. The microbe can be a bacteria or virus or fungi or a cluster of them. Research has proved that the healthy gut produces single chain fatty acids(SCFA) like butyrate, propionate and acetate. These not only helps to absorb the nutrients but also act as the repairmen of our body.

How Gut Bacteria Impact Human Emotions - Scientific Animations

When we get a cut on our skin, the skin starts the immediate process of repairing and covers it with a new skin layer, which we can see through our naked eye. The same process is done by these SCFA inside our body.

Now imagine, when a handful of nails is put in your thin drainage pipe in the sink, the pipe gets teared a lot here and there and thereby leakage starts. Similarly, whenever you eat harmful foods the super soft gut lining undergoes harsh treatment and gets teared here and there causing leakage of microbes into your body. As a result, our internal organs are easily exposed to harmful microbes. They start to attack the internal organs and if your immunity is low then you start to become sick.

Leaky Gut Syndrome in Dogs | VCA Animal Hospital

So your gut needs to have ample stock of SCFA inside and repair the leakage of microbes fast. Active lifestyle and healthy fiber rich foods produces lots and lots of SCFA.

The gut microbes controls what is passed into the body and what is excreted. The microbes in your gut are so powerful that its quality dominates your mind and have you under their perspective. So, having good bacteria in dominance is preferred a lot. Below is the image of gut microbes.

How trillions of microbes affect every stage of our life—from birth to old  age

TIPIf you are craving something like food or drink or a snack, check whether your mind is craving it or it is the cravings of insatiable microbes. If you know this then you can always have a check on these microbes.

As per Dr. Ligen yu (Nanyang technological university),

Not all diseases begin in the gut (intestines), but only the gut (microbiome) can cure all diseases. Because, only the microbiome have all the essential nutrients needed by our body.

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Hope this article helped my readers to understand how important “The Gut” is. I wish my readers to have a healthy gut and stay free from diseases ever.

Is Psychosomatics even real?

Yes It Is!

“Psyche” means “Mind”, “Soma” means “Body”, and Yes Psychosomatic is something related with one’s mind and body. More problems in your mind will cause a pain in your body. With more depression and stress deep inside your mind generates a pain in the weakest spot of your body.

Even after various consultations and numerous tests there will not be any reason or medical cause for that pain. This will be a sharp lasting pain, but we cannot understand the root cause. Many should have experienced this in their life.

Psychosomatic Disorders – All You Need to Know

I have also experienced it. I had a sharp pain in the back of my shoulder for the past 6 years. Furthermore, I did many tests and consulted even with specialized doctors, all their answers were the same “You are completely normal”. This pain started protruding more after my father’s death. As you all know that losing your loved one will make you go insane and that’s the time when you need to fight with the highest amount of stress and depression.

Other symptoms of psychosomatic illness – Weakness, shortness of breath, pain, sleeping difficulties, tense muscles, High blood pressure, ulcers, acidity, skin problems and even heart disease in serious cases.

Basic reasons for becoming psychosomatic

  1. Person with excessive thoughts and anxiety about their problems.
  2. Excessive time and energy spent on concerns and worrying too much.
  3. Being fearful and sick even if they are given evidence that there is nothing to worry.
  4. Feelings and behaviors will be out of proportion.
  5. Stress and depression.

You can collate your body to pressure cooker. Just like the pressure inside the cooker rises and vents out steam in the weakest spot, the excessive thinking in your mind rises the pressure in your body, finally releasing the pressure as pain in the weakest spot of your body. For example, if your neck is the weakest point you will feel pain in the neck, likewise if your stomach is the weakest point then you will have pain in the stomach. Similarly, you will have back pain, leg pain, headaches and the list goes on.

It’s psychosomatic. You need a Lobotomy.

I’ll get a Saw.

– Bill Watterson

How to overcome this psychosomatic illness

* Learn to accept the fact
* Go with the flow
* Think with more positivity
* Feel grateful of what you have often
* Never entertain excessive thinking.
* Confidentially find the source of the stress and eliminate it.

There is no one without problems in this world. Every individual has his/her own agony. Even animals also have their own problems and sufferings. The only technique to solve it is to face it and fight back. You need to see and learn how others are fighting their depression positively.

Be more practical rather than emotional.

The pain you feel in your body is real. So, according to me psychosomatics is real. Now my pain is almost cured, all thanks to my loved ones and well-wishers for strengthening me in my tough times and guiding me productively. Time, prayers and reading good books, staying around positive people will definitely cure your stress and problems.

Psychosomatic Disorders

Hence, I request my dear readers to find if you are psychosomatic and act wisely to come out of it. You can check out some amazingly interesting books on this topic here. See you in next post. Stay tuned.

The water

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“WATER – The very first need of every living being”

Water – The All Rounder. We drink it, cook with it, play with it and use it for granted. Water is present everywhere inside and outside us. A normal human body is filled with 60%-70% of water and hence we would die if we don’t drink it. Water intake can be of any form like water, juices, your foods, and other beverages. Having access to clean drinking water and maintaining a hydrated body is a boon and a blessing. We hardly realize its astonishing properties.

She is water. Powerful enough to drown you. Soft... Unknown Quotes

Why do we need to drink water?

To lubricate and cushion the joints, for proper working of every cell, tissues and organs, for absorption and circulation, maintain body temperature, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, nourish the brain and spinal cord, to relieve our stress.

Water is not only present in the blood, it is also present in an adult’s brain and heart (3/4th quarter is water only). This is similar to a moisture content in a banana. Lungs have 83% water just like an apple. Even the bones have 31% water in them. Kidneys and muscles have 79%, Skin has 64% water.

Water Inside Of The Human Brain. Illustration About Composition.. Royalty  Free Cliparts, Vectors, And Stock Illustration. Image 106587443.

If we have this much amount of water inside us then what is the need to drink more water from outside?

The solid reason is every day 3-3.5 liters of water goes out from our body in the form of sweat, urine, motion, even as a breath. So, to compensate for the water loss we need to drink water and eat watery foods equally. Either over drinking or less intake of water is alarmingly serious, leading to serious illness.

Dehydration or less intake of water

Dehydration leads to Cognitive impairment, loss of energy, drop-in mood, bad or no moisture, overworking of body parts, yellowish urine. Even our brain may shrink its size in serious cases.

Hyponatremia or overdrinking

Hyponatremia causes problems in regulating water levels, sodium electrolytes get very diluted, bloating, vomiting, seizures, headaches.

Do we have to drink 8 glasses of water every day?

You all should have heard about this goal to drink 8 glasses of water daily. Depending on your weight, BMI, sex, environment, and how active you are, water intake varies from person to person. Some people require more than 8 glasses and some other requires only a few glasses. The adequate fluid intake according to “The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and medicine” is said to be 3-3.7 Liters for men and 2-2.7 Liters for women.

Drinking water depends on,

  1. Exercise – Exercises will make you sweat a lot. So you need to drink more water before and after your exercises to compensate for the fluid loss. 
  2. Environment – Hot or Humid weather causes more dehydration, which in turn is quenched with watery items.
  3. Sickness – When you have a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea lots of body fluids are lost. So you definitely need to have lots of fluids intake during this time.
  4. Pregnancy – Generally Pregnant ladies and breastfeeding mothers will require more fluid intakes like water, juices, soups for themselves to stay hydrated.

Foods having more water content – Mostly all the fruits and vegetables, watermelon, spinaches, fresh meats. Always go easy on sweetened drinks, energy drinks, or soda as these only increase the calories and sugar in your body and gives you no good.

Water is life and clean water means health- Audrey Hepburn

Drink water the right way

Sit and drink water in a more relaxed way, it is the rightest way to drink and this also maximizes its effectiveness. Drinking cold water gives you more bad effects and illness. So always try to drink warm water or room temperature water whenever you are thirsty.

  1. 2 glasses of warm water after waking up- activates internal organs and flushes toxins out.
  2. 1 glass of water 5mints before taking bath – lowers blood pressure.
  3. 1 glass of water 30mints before and after your meal – aides digestion.
  4. 1 glass of water before going to your bed – regulates blood flow, gives good sleep.

Hydration Calculator - Mindful by Sodexo

Check this Hydration Calculator to know how much water your body requires per day. Water is the best natural remedy. My dear readers, I request you all to drink clean water to lead a healthy life and stay hydrated with positivity.

Why you should know about Cortisol,the stress hormone


Hello my dear readers, wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous 2021.

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Stress is the prime factor for many illnesses.

So, What is this Stress? And how it is related with Cortisol?

Stress is one of the nature’s gift just like happiness in us. Every living being requires this stress to lead a healthy life. The only thing we need to take care is to identify between good stress and bad/chronic stress. Always opt for good stress which creates more adrenaline in you and keeps you mentally and physically healthy.

Danzae Pace Quote: “Stress is the trash of modern life-we all generate it  but if you don't dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overt...” (7  wallpapers) - Quotefancy

Whenever you are stressed, the hormone Cortisol is released by adrenal glands. Cortisol is almost very essential for every major system(the neurological system, the circulatory system, heart) in our body. Every action in our body requires cortisol. For example, walking with your legs uses cortisol, raising your hand uses cortisol.

Like we communicate with each other, our brain also communicates with our body parts. When the communication between the adrenal gland, the pituitary gland, and the hypothalamus (Part of the brain) is efficient, our body releases the right amount of cortisol whenever needed(24/7). Researches have proved that cortisol will be highest in the morning and lowest in the evening.

Same like other hormones, either too much or too little production of cortisol will affect the body. With different kinds of stress, our brain triggers its release of different amounts of cortisol.

Weight gain, high blood pressure.  Very low blood pressure
Cushing’s Syndrome  Addison’s disease
Improper brain functions.Thyroid problems  
Disturbed sleep, Lack of hungriness, Low energy level.  Anxiety, Irritability, Fatigue.

Break the cycle of stress

Learn to adopt any of these methods to break the cycle of stress and thereby making your cortisol level normal.

1- Relaxation techniques like yoga, tai chi, massages, deep breathing, music.

2- Play your favourite game and also grow pets.

3- Feel grateful and learn to forgive.

4- Be honest and live a satisfied life.

5- Be strong – mentally, physically and spiritually.

6- Always try to have mindful eating.

Stress Mindfulness

All you need is, to be aware of your stressful thoughts and signs of your body tension. So, you will learn to recognize what is your stressful thinking. This can be a stepping stone where you can then mindfully cope-up with stress.

All-New 21-Day Positivity Challenge!! Join Here!! (Mar 2012) [Sign Ups  Closed] - Personal Excellence

You have all the rights to know about your body and stay healthy. By knowing the work of these basic hormones, we can eliminate many diseases at the earlier stages itself. Simple, active and healthier lifestyle changes will definitely help you to reduce the stress you experience and makes you to overcome it positively. I wish you all to stay happy and learn to feed only good stress.

” Calm down and you will be fine “

Nowadays my good stress is to give worthy contents for my readers. Let me know what is your good stress these days in the comment box below.

What type of procrastinator are you?

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Everyone in this world has the habit to put off things due to many factors and in different ways. All we need to do is to embrace this habit productively. But before that we need to find which type of procrastinators we are.

Active Procrastinators – These active procrastinators deliberately delay their works to be done, but in an active way. They need that adrenaline rush while performing their work by approaching deadlines. They can manage their time purposefully and feel challenged. Likewise, they are great thinkers too.

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Passive procrastinators – This type is something which we all normally do and are familiar with in our day-to-day life activities. Here we deliberately put things off mostly due to laziness and lethargic ness.

Stop Procrastinating And Get To It! –
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A funny example of passive procrastination.

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Chronic procrastinators – This is the problematic type and people with such procrastination will suffer a lot. Even their family will suffer mainly because of them. They too have goals, but they never desire to achieve it, and they don’t have any sufficient self-control. Only through forceful deadline they might sometimes complete their works. They know that doing so is bad for them, but they can never stop it, as they are prone to psychological vulnerability.

5 best tips to overcome procrastination

1- Train your sub-conscious mind to say “RIGHT NOW”. It should become a habit to a point that whenever or whatever work it comes you tend to do it automatically “RIGHT NOW”.

2- Love and Inspire yourself. This creates positivity, this in turn pulls positive energies towards you. Do not let yourself depressed, because that creates negativity and destroys any active confidence left inside you.

3- Whenever you are bored and irritated, try to indulge yourself in small activities that you love. Keep your mind occupied in a healthy way.

4- Read books that encourage you, hear good podcasts of successful people and follow the good things which you like.

5- Love and care for nature. When you are around greenery fresh oxygen flows in making you active and healthy. Surround yourself with positive thinking people.

Best 3 books to read to avoid procrastination.

These books are easily available in I also suggest books and stories of Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi.

  1. Eat that Frog! 21 Great Ways to stop Procrastinating and get more done in less time Paperback by Brian Tracy  (Author).
  2. The 5 AM Club : Own your morning, Elevate your Life Paperback by Robin Sharma  (Author).
  3. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective people by Stephen Covey.

We would have tried many methods to overcome the procrastination inside us. But until it doesn’t become a habit it will always be a failure and results in stress. So, the key to beat them is to honestly understand or find the reason why we are procrastinating it. Find the best way which works for you and strongly follow it.

Beat procrastination and find a better self.

Procrastination – Standard or Exception

Procrastination is to postpone or delay your action of doing something.

This habit is poshly living inside all of us. For some, it’s occasional (Exception) and for some others, it’s frequent (Standard). Whenever your procrastination is frequent, learn to overcome it, or else you will regret it forever.

Standard Procrastination and Regrets are directly related.

13 Hilarious Memes Related To Being Lazy For You To Enjoy In Your Lazy Time
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Pros of Exceptional Procrastination

[Note – I have written these pros only based on those people who use their procrastinating time innovating productively and once the deadline is reached they come out with more potential work. They have repeated their works so many times and are experts in their field of work. These pros are not based on people who just waste their procrastinating time mindlessly. ]

1- Develops focusing power. For example, You have a work and you are procrastinating it. As the deadline approaches, your focus shifts totally on that work and you are motivated to finish it before the deadline. Your thinking is all about new ideas and your focus becomes more concentrated on completing them.

2- Ability to prioritize. We cannot do all the works the moment it shows up. We first need to sort out things based on priorities and needs. Thus we get that ability to decide what works to be done immediately and what works to be procrastinated.

3- Being creative – Just like that many innovative ideas will be created while you are researching your work or while using your procrastinating time productively.

4- Creates happiness. Once the task is completed, Endorphins will flow in proving your happy completion.

5- While you perform doing works faster to meet your deadline, you will find other tough works to be easy and get the confidence of completing it easily.

Cons of Standard procrastination

There are loads of disadvantages of procrastination. Here I have discussed only the very basic reasons.

1- We develop unnecessary fears, pressure, and stress. This invites unnecessary problems to our health.

2- The quality of work becomes very low. As you perform your work in a rushing way, time-pressure disturbs your concentration. Automatically your work’s quality and performance will be poor.

3- We finally fall prey to depression and stress. This, in turn, creates low self-esteem in us and we get addicted to negativity.

4- There is no life satisfaction. We then start telling lies to hide our procrastination and even before we realize it there will be a tower of lies accumulated.

5- We even lose other’s trust, finally ending up in loneliness.

6- It is one of the root causes of obesity.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is main-qimg-d0bb8b683c61985d13862d06dd78d9e2

Researches have even proved that procrastination is related to psychological vulnerability.

Reasons behind Procrastination are,

1- Being tired and due to laziness.

2- Poor time management.

3- Anxiety about the particular job and Hesitation.

4- Emotional Immaturity.

5- No Pre-planning or any other Planning.

I would like to conclude with a fact that procrastination is an art when it is used productively. You should think yourself, like when it should be used usefully and when should not. Never use it standardly and mindlessly and let it destroy your lives. I wish my dear readers to lead a healthy and mindful life.

Do You Think yourself

Other than your mother and father no one in this world is going to think for you. In this modern internet era, if you ask me, ” Do you think yourself anytime?” then I would say “No”.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the highest credit limit of them all? -
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We are being hypnotized by an ample number of external forces. For example, new fashions are popping out daily in almost everything. Most of us go crazy in it and buy things in a way where we are driven by emotions rather than a reason. It has become a money-driven era. This herding behavior has led many people to fall in debt and depression, because of overspending and stressing about it. Check honestly whether the things you bought were really by your own deep thinking and according to the need or bought just like that.

“Is your thinking your own”

If you observe and see, you will notice that our lives are being controlled by the powers of these marketing industries and thanks to the smart internet that it has us in its fingers and makes us dance in its wishes. We don’t even realize this.

This “Thinking yourself ” is achieved with a strong mind power. This takes a while to develop it as a habit, as it needs lots of patience and will power. Many feel it to be unnecessary, boring and thus get under others control automatically. Only you can think for yourself and you can’t expect it from others.

THINK Yourself to Weight Loss and a New You – Weight Loss and Leadership
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Steps to make you think yourself :

1- Identify and prioritize your important needs. So that you can access only which you want and dispose the unnecessary.

2- Never believe in others opinions. Just analyse it deeply, research it and find the truth.

3- Learn from your mistakes and experiences. They are the best teachers of life.

4 – Solve your problem one by one. The idea is split and conquer.

[TIP – Write down your problem, in the nearby side itself think and write all possible solutions. This almost solves your problem]

5- Always re-examine what you think and why. Also test yourself often.

6- Be aware of your situations always first and try not to make decisions when you are under pressure, fear or guilt.

The most important person in your world is ” YOU”.
The right self-thinking sets the basis in creating and nurturing your happiness, positivity, self-esteem, confidence and achievements. Hope my dear readers will nurture the right self-thinking and live a happy life.

Do know your valuable opinions in the comment box.:-)

Self-Assessment, a Psychological exercise

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Time to Assess yourself..,

1 – How did you grow? Identify the positive and negative traits and think about what life lessons you learned from them?

2- Are you grateful for things or people? Make a top 5 list of people to whom you are always grateful and why.

3- Did you set and maintain any high standards for your inner self?

4- How many times did you seek inspiration and motivation?

5 – Are you doing quality work?

6- Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset?

7- Do you love and appreciate yourself?

8- Do you appreciate others for their selfless helps?

9- Are you going behind money or inner happiness?

10- Have you ever been satisfied with what you have?

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Talk to yourself once in a day, otherwise you may miss meeting an excellent person in this world.

-Swami Vivekananda

According to me, Self-assessment is an effective thinking exercise that encourages an individual to become more responsible. This helps to consider their actions and reflect on it. We thereby start to know our own potential, learn to accept, and improve our mindset. With an improved mindset and learning practice, we gain more confidence to face our challenges.

Growing From “No I Can’t ” to “Yes I Can”.

We get ready to welcome changes that create a positive attitude in the inner-self and thus favoring lifelong learning. It is a psychological exercise for self-development. Learning or Knowing about ourselves is the basis for our happiness and the sole responsibility lies only on us.

Advantages of self- Assessment

# Helps to identify your character and abilities.

# Helps to develop a positive growth mindset.

# Makes Learning and Living go hand-in-hand.

# Diminishes “Ego-self”’ and rises “True-self”
# Makes one an emotionally matured person.

Thus I would recommend my dear readers to analyse yourself often and find your “TRUE-SELF“. I wish you to get a clear perspective about your thoughts, capabilities and achieve a lot in your life.

Quotes About Assessment And Evaluation. QuotesGram
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10 Signs of Emotional Immaturity

There are things which weigh you down many times and you feel your energy level to be low and life to be sulking. These are mainly due to emotional luggage hanging inside you. Are you gonna live your life weighing with these emotional things. No right?

Just unshackle them enough to destroy that emotional luggage by becoming emotionally matured. So here, with these 10 signs, learn where you are emotionally immature and work out on that area and become a strong emotionally matured person.

1- People who are dependent on others for all reasons.

Such people will face difficulties in making even their everyday decisions. Here I mean with everyday decisions and not any major decisions( where we definitely need suggestions from others). They will always require advice, assurance, and validation from others. They hesitate to decide because of fear and being wrong. Finally, they end up with their life being controlled by others.

2 – Inability to be alone

 People with this inability will easily become anxious even thinking about being alone. They become deeply distressed and anxious about being alone. At some point in life, everyone needs to be alone, and one should be ready to accept it and face it boldly. Sometimes being alone will make you do more productive works and makes you love yourself more. I consider it as a time to understand your inner-self. Being lonelier is worse than being alone.

3- All talk only and no action.

You must have met many people who talk so sweetly and makes you do their work. But when it comes to reality they will be the first one either to procrastinate or to escape it. They keep on talking about doing something but never takes action or follow through. Because they don’t have the maturity to start anything new.

4 – Being Selfish or aloof.

Here it mainly means lacking consideration for others, and being concerned with only one’s own pleasure and profit. Actually, this will cause your happiness to decrease in the long run. Selfish or aloof people are ready for taking all and giving nothing back. They are always selfish in demanding help but they never credit it. The fun fact is they get angry when that is pointed out.

Hugh Hefner Quote: “It's good to be selfish. But not so self-centered that  you never listen to other people.” (7 wallpapers) - Quotefancy
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5 – Finding it hard to communicate their emotions.

These people might be extremely sensitive even to the smallest issues. Sometimes, unexpressed emotions can be due to the result of hurt in the past, as a result, they start thinking that the best thing is to just say nothing.

Due to fear of rejection, many avoid conflicts and never open up their emotions. Also, they find it frustrated to deal with their emotions all the time. This will definitely change their decision-making ability and also erodes their self-esteem.   

6- Control freaks

These people are generally perfectionists. Whatever work it may be they will be convinced only if they do it by themselves and will not give opportunities to others. They roam with the thought that ” it is done right only by themselves ” and also that they are the only capable people in doing it. They seem to be helpful and concerned but they really are not. Sometimes due to the fear of losing their authority or position they might even go to the extent of doing any nasty tricks.

7- They are Manipulative.

These people will never opt for a compromise. For them, compromise is either like a loss of power or loss of something precious. So, they always try to manipulate people to get back their power or things. They are loaded with tonnes of manipulative skills. Most of them will charmingly act to get much information and discredit them behind.

8- Irresponsible and sulk often

An Irresponsible person will live with a low level of mental happiness and a high level of depression and stress. They are not committed and are with full of ego. They don’t have any personal satisfaction and gratitude for others.

Many times, when a most trusted or loved person hurts us emotionally, the first thing we do is sulking. When the concerned person asks us the reason why we are sad or disturbed, we generally deny it as nothing happened. We simply need the other person to understand things magically without explanation and resolve it. This is also a character of an emotionally immature person. This Passive aggressiveness should never ruin your relationship.

9- Not Trustworthy

Friends sharing information are common. But people who are trustworthy and good listeners will never reveal confidential or personal secrets, however tempting it might be. Hence try to be someone who can be trusted and reveal secrets without any fear of it getting out.

10- Being Hot-Tempered

“Fighting or shouting without understanding what the situation is” is the motto of a hot-tempered person. They do not give a pause or some time to think about the situation. As a result, they don’t get time to work out their anger and their problems will not be solved reasonably. There are many reasons for getting angry soon like conflicts, betrayal, miscommunication, not so friendly, misunderstanding, strangers, etc. It all depends on the situations we face and the good solution comes only by delaying the need to get rid of the problem quickly.

Thus when a person can accept their weakness, faults and recognizes their strength, positive qualities, then they are ready to experience strong self-worth and high self-esteem – Schutte et al.(2002)


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